My Songs.


 A collection of all original songs. It was recorded in Nashville in 2001and features Andy Leftwich on fiddle and mandolin, Cactus Moser on percussion, Bryan Grassmeyer on bass and Scott Neubert on guitar, dobro and steel. Scott was my co-producer. I was proud to collaborate with  #1 songwriters: Irene Kelly (A Diamond For Your Heart) Chapin Hartford (Keeping A Distance) and Odie Blackmon (Keeping Up With the Jones') 

                       WAYFARING STRANGER

 This is a collection of songs I've carried with me through the years like old friends. It was recorded live in one day (!) in Nashville in 2008 and features Cactus Moser on percusion, Byron House on upright bass, Andy Lefwich on fiddle and mandolin and my pal, Justin Weaver on guitar. Justin produced and it was masterfully recorded and mixed by David Ruffo. 

                    ME AND LES

 My newest release! Recorded in Phoenix and Nashville with the help of producer and musician extraordinaire, Scott Neubert.  Includes 3 songs written with future Western Music Hall of Fame member, Les Buffham, including our song, Welcome To Wickenburg which was nominated for Traditional Western Song of the Year by the International Western Music Association.   

                                 MONTANA MOON

Academy of Western Artists Album of the Year!  Recorded in 2017 in Nashville with Scott Neubert on guitars, dobro, steel and mandolin plus background vocals (whew!) Dow Tomlin on upright bass. 



Critically acclaimed 1977 release! 

Produced by Chris Hillman and featuring Emmylou Harris' Hot Band

             REMASTERED 2022 

                By Scott Neubert